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Set up a Trust in Austria

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Set-up-a-Trust-in-Austria.jpgTrust funds are known as common investment plans where individuals, who in this case are called settlers, can protect their assets and transfer them to the family members at a certain point or period, whether there are movable possessions or not. Foreigners in Austria can establish trusts or private foundations, considering the rules and regulations of the Austrian Private Foundation Act 1993. Our company formation agents in Austria can guide you when setting up a trust or register a company in Austria.

Main conditions to establish a trust in Austria

Entrepreneurs, both local or from abroad, can be interested in setting up trusts in Austria through private foundations which are considered the proper instruments for saving the wealth and passing on the family assets. A trust in Austria can comprise real estate properties or liquidities which are mentioned in an agreement named a trust deed and must be registered with the Public Registry in Austria. Besides details about the protected assets, the names of the settler and the beneficiaries will be mentioned and also the duration of the trust. Please keep in mind that our Austrian company formation representatives can provide you with support when drafting the documents for your trust in Austria. The same team can also guide you throughout the entire company registration process in Austria.

Why you should set up a trust in Austria

A trust deed in Austria is a legal convention signed by a settler and a beneficiary regarding the assets of the family and the ways in which these are going to be used, once the term is established. One should know that a trust can also be set up as a company in Austria, where a minimum share capital of EUR 70,000 must be provided. Such entity is subject to audits in Austria each year, and the company cannot be managed by family members, only by a board of directors. Even so, the board of directors can consider the principles and strategies imposed by the founder of the company in Austria. We remind that the company registration in Austria is an easy process which can be entirely supervised and guided by our company formation agents in Austria.

Taxes for trusts in Austria

Even though there are numerous tax exemptions, a private foundation or a trust in Austria is subject to a standard income tax rate of 25%. Considering the double tax treaties signed by Austria with varied countries worldwide and the nationality of the trust settler, a withholding tax will be imposed, varying from 0 and 25%.
If you are interested in setting up a trust in Austria, we suggest you get in touch with our team of specialists in company formation in Austria for complete support and information.

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