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Register Company in Austria

Updated on Friday 01st June 2018

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The Trade Register is the authority in charge with the registration of companies in Austria. Its main role is to receive the documents related to company formation in Austria and issue the certificates of registration for all businesses operating in this country.

Below, our Austrian company formation agents explain how the Trade Register in this country works.

The Austrian Trade Register

The Austrian Trade Register is actually known as the Austrian Commercial Register. The institution deals with company registration in Austria, as well as the supervision of the legal matters regarding the companies in Austria. Information about companies in Austria is kept in a database available at commercial courts and regional courts and it is protected by the Federal Computing Centre. Details on private foundations and cooperatives are also registered with the Austrian Trade Register in order to meet the provisions of the Austrian legislation. The Trade Register in Austria falls under the regulations of the Ministry of Justice and it has the role to establish communication links between entrepreneurs and law, as well as with the public.

How can a company be registered with the Trade Register in Austria?

Company registration in Austria can be done in two different ways. One can go in person to one of the Commercial Register’s offices in Austria and file an application. It is also possible that the company registration is performed online, by downloading and completing an application form, together with the scanned copies of the requested documents via e-mail. After company registration in Austria is completed with the Trade Register, it is also necessary to register for tax purposes in Austria.

Types of companies in Austria

The Commercial Law in Austria provides for the following types of companies which can be registered with the Companies Registrar:

  • - the sole proprietorship, which is the simplest form of doing business in Austria;
  • - the private limited liability company, simply known as the GmbH, which is the most popular business form in this country;
  • - the public limited company, or the joint stock company, which is employed for large operations;
  • - the branch, representative office and the subsidiary which are used by foreign companies doing business in Austria.

Our local consultants can explain the characteristics of each type of company.

Company formation costs in Austria

Foreign investors who want to open companies in Austria must bear in mind the following costs:

 Procedure  Charge
 Notary fees   Up to 2,000 EUR
 Obtaining a confirmation for the company registration   Free of charge
 Depositing the share capital   Free of charge
 Registering with the local court   Approx. 30 EUR
 Tax registration   Free of charge
 Registering with the Trade Authority   Free of charge
 Registering for taxation purposes   Free of charge
 Registering with the municipality   Free of charge

     Accessing the Austrian Trade Register

Anyone can have access to the database of the Commercial Register in Austria. It is necessary to submit an inquiry and one of the six providers will answer. They also deal with the collection of court fees. Searching the database can be simplified by using some filters, such as the company name, the legal form, the registered address, the name of shareholders or managers. On the basis of the searching process, information on the company is provided regarding the whole background and history. An excerpt of the company’s documents can be offered on request via e-mail or in print. This can be done at any office of the Commercial Register in Austria.

For details about company formation and registration in Austria, you may contact our local specialists.



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