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What Makes Austria One of the Best Investment Destinations in the EU?


Austria is one of the most prolific economies in Europe, however, because of its geographical location near Germany and small size, there are many facts left unknown to those interested in starting a business here. With a population below 10 million individuals and one of the lowest unemployment rates in EuropeAustria had a real economic growth of 2,4% in 2017. Foreign investors who want to open companies in Austria can rely on the services offered by our company formation consultants.

Austria Launched a Fund for Innovative Startpus Hiring Employees


The Austrian government is keen on assisting startup companies which is why it has recently launched a fund which will help these enterprises when hiring their first employees. The new scheme is called the ancillary wage costs fund and is comprised in the Startup Package which was launched a while back. Our Austrian company formation agents can offer more information on the programs developed by the government with the aim of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

New Employment Measures to Help Austrian Companies and Workers


The Austrian government has recently issued several amendments to the Employment Act meant to enhance the country as a business location. While protecting employees, the government also wants to encourage Austrian companies to hire more personnel. The research premium was also increased in order to boost investments in the innovation industry. Our company registration agents in Austria can assist foreign investors who want to set up companies here.

Austria to Implement New Assistance Measures for Companies


At the end of February, the Austrian government launched a new set of measures meant to support local companies which will strengthen the economy and the business environment. Among the measures presented are a research premium and an employment bonus for Austrian companies. If you want to open a company in this country, our company registration agents in Austria can assist you.

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